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Days are getting notably shorter by the week and we’re wrapping up summer activities. At Western Illinois Home Health Care, we are so blessed to have staff that work together to cover for summer vacation, take ownership of coworkers duties so they can come back refreshed to tackle their roles, keep everything going so client needs are taken care of, and all the office duties are kept current so our home care agency can run smoothly.

Aside from the day-to-day work roles, we have several new work groups that have formed at our agency to work on projects or endeavors that we want to expand on. One of these work groups is a Community Engagement Committee. Staff in various positions at our agency are on the group to research, set up plans, and engage the agency in involvement in an activity or cause that is important to our agency or to our staff, personally or professionally.

I hope you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. This is an initiative of our Tech and Social Media work group. I’ve had clients and families remark on a post on their nurse, or an office staff member whom they have talked on the phone. Other staff and I have enjoyed finding out the more personal side of each staff member including their favorite hobby or food. You can also find ideas on resources available, helpful tips or industry new for home care.  

We have several education sessions, workshops in the coming weeks for staff.  We find that fall is a good time to plan education. In September, staff will be attending a workshop on supportive care services in Chicago area. Nursing staff will be attending a wound care workshop for updates on treatments and care. All our nursing staff will be partnering with a local nursing program for skill updates and lab testing.  I will be participating in a session at the University of Iowa on future changes in population, and what that means for curriculum planning for nursing programs.

At home, it is a busy time with birthdays parties, fall silage and harvest just around the corner. We celebrated two birthdays in August and have two more in September. Ron and I are finally settling in to our new addition to the house and have enjoyed entertaining friends and family. With the upcoming holidays, I’m looking forward to breaking in the great room with all the festivities.

Barbara Byers, MS, RN, is CEO/President at Western Illinois Home Health Care

September 2018

by Barbara Byers

Dear Home Care Family,

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