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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

March 2016

by Amanda Powell

There are more and more grandparents taking on a parental role for their grandchildren. The national census shows there are 2.7 million grandparents raising grandchildren and about one-fifth have incomes below the poverty line. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, some common reasons for this to occur include

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Transitions From Hospital and/or Nursing Homes

Back Home

February 2016

by Amanda Powell

I get a lot of calls from families who have a loved one who are at a nursing home or hospital and are preparing to go home. There really is a lot to consider when a person has had a crisis or illness at home that has resulted in a stay at some type of facility. Unfortunately…

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Home Care and Veterans

January 2016

by Amanda Powell

Veterans are often in need of services to help them remain independent at home. Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration system can be overwhelming and hard to navigate for our veterans in need of assistance. Often I see veterans who haven’t been connected to any benefits but are eligible…

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Music is Good for Our Brain

December 2015

by Amanda Powell

Have you ever heard a song and it takes you back to a time or memory in your life? Music is very powerful in remembering moments in your life, which is why it is used with people who suffer from different forms of dementia and other diseases. I often meet with families and staff at facilities to help them incorporate music…

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays: Continuing to Make

Happy Memories

November 2015

by Verna Benner Carson

Do you have happy memories of the holidays? What were those memories and how did your loved one who now has Alzheimer’s play into the creation of traditions that are so much a part of your past? Is it possible to “resurrect” and “revise” some of those traditions? Perhaps it is a time to recreate those old traditions so that…

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Considering Hiring a Private Caregiver?  Know the Risks.

October 2015

by Amanda Powell

The aging population is growing fast, nursing home costs are very high, and people desire to stay in their homes as long as possible. It is no surprise that in-home caregivers are in high-demand, making it possible for people with physical or cognitive impairments to safely remain in their home…

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Loneliness and Isolation: A Real Problem in Seniors

September 2015

by Amanda Powell

We take for granted how busy and full of life our young lives are. Even in small rural areas such as ours, our lives are busy as we raise children and go to work. As we get older life slows down. During retirement age the slowing down often brings new joys of spending quality time with your loved ones, traveling, and having time to do things at a slower pace. As we age even more and begin to develop new health impairments and lose loved ones, life slows down so much that we are at risk for loneliness and isolation. I see people who are lonely and isolated every day in my career. It puts seniors at risk…

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