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Anxiety Later in Life

July 2015

by Amanda Powell

Anxiety might be the most frustrating illness I see in the older adults because it is so hard to explain anxiety and why people have it. I have met people who have worried their whole life and the anxiety is getting worse as they age. On the flip side, I have also met people who have never experienced any anxiety, until…

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Caregiving is a Man’s Job, Too

June 2015

by Amanda Powell

I am lucky that I get to meet people and families every day in my career and see how they function after caregiving challenges arise. Traditionally, caregiving has been a woman’s role. Years ago, if a man had to provide care he usually turned to women he knew to help provide the caregiving. Times have changed…

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Planning Your In-Home, Long-Term Care Needs

May 2015

by Amanda Powell

I talk to people regularly about the misconception that Medicare covers long-term care at home. Medicare, along with some other options, does support seniors in several different ways and it is important for planning purposes to be aware of the scope of services…

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Avoid Predatory Scams with These Helpful Tips

April 2015

by Amanda Powell

Our elderly population is extremely vulnerable to being taken advantage of. I am in the homes of clients regularly and across the board seniors complain to me about the mail they get that they do not understand and about phone calls they receive trying to get them to elicit monetary donations or purchases. What the National Council on Aging calls “the crime of the 21st Century” is financial-related scams that target the elderly population…

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Aggression and Alzheimer’s Disease

March 2015

by Amanda Powell

Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes behaviors that may make it difficult for caregivers to continue to provide care at home. I often meet with families who are overwhelmed and aren’t sure if they can continue to provide care for their loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. I often am invited to discuss services with the family when aggressive behavior has started. This is usually the point…

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Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease and

How to Handle Incontinence

February 2015

by Amanda Powell

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease and how to handle Incontinence. Incontinence is a difficult battle for a caregiver, and especially when the person they are caring for suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. This area of care is sensitive, and can be very frustrating for a caregiver. In addition, it is imperative that this care be handled correctly…

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Bath Time Struggles With Those Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease

January 2015

by Amanda Powell

Most of the caregivers that I meet with who care for a person with Alzheimer’s are dealing with a difficult behavior, and bathing is an activity which can be a struggle. This is very common and can be frustrating and overwhelming for the caregiver. It can also become the determining factor…

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