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February 7, 2013

by Barb Byers

It is hard to imagine time has flown by and it is already 2013. Time is precious and we see that so vividly when we look at our grandchildren and wonder how fast they change. In our own lives, we try to get ahead of time to be prepared for the next event. I like to savor the memories of the past year as we enter a new one and look forward to the surprises and precious events and memories that 2013 brings.

As I sat to write this letter, I received a call that one of our most dedicated employees unexpectedly passed away and was reminded how very precious time is with those we love. Brenda Young worked for us for years and dedicated herself to her profession as a Personal Assistant. She cared for many seniors over the years; assisting them with their day-to-day duties and enabling them to stay in and enjoy their homes. In her years of dedication to her clients, Brenda never missed a scheduled day of work. She extended that help to seniors training new Personal Assistants and always had a sense of knowing if that person had the compassion and desire to do the work of selfless service to others. Brenda took care of my family loved ones over the years and that deepens my admiration for her. I will miss her dearly and so will her co-workers, and so will those she served. We will mourn the loss of Brenda, but cherish the fact that God will reward her for her dedication to others.

At our home care agency, we continue to dedicate our work to those we serve. Our team of Clinical Managers just completed their Chronic Care Certification and all of our nurse Case Managers have started their comprehensive training to become Chronic Care Specialty nurses. Our goal is to better assist the progress of those that struggle with ongoing health issues. Our agency planned this emphasis on our care program knowing that the government would be putting a greater emphasis and resources to assist Chronic Care diseases. Those resources were approved for the government late January of this year. It is again, a focus to maintain ones health at home.

A fun project we did in January was to bring in an organizational expert to train and work with all of our office staff in our four offices. January was National Organization Month and we kicked off our training on January 31st. Our jobs become more complex as data overwhelms us and our goal is to ease the burden of our workloads with structure and tools, while being able to use the same tools for application in all of our personal lives.

In our personal lives I already have some fond memories. I took my three lovely ladies, my two daughters and my son’s fiancé on a special invitation private shopping trip to a boutique in Macomb. It was a Christmas gift from Ron and me. I still picture the three as we left the shop that cold winter night with their white dress bags with their special finds inside. The week before that trip was a once-in-a-lifetime event as we shopped for bridesmaid dresses for the summer wedding of my son and his finance’. To top it all off, we all gathered to help celebrate our youngest grandson’s first birthday.

May all of us focus on those around us and cherish them in our hearts. May God bless you as you take this journey into 2013.

Barb Byers, MS, RN  is the CEO/President for Western Illinois Home Health Care

Dear Home Care Family,

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