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May 2013

by Barb Byers

We have entered another season after awaiting the joy of spring warmth and beauty. Easter came early this year, which seemed to extend our wait and anticipation of relief after a long winter. Some of my gifts of joy over this period have been daily phone calls, notes and messages taken by staff of words of gratitude for the relief our home care service delivers for numerous families and loved ones. These words of gratitude are very meaningful for us and our staff who share in this accomplishment. Our agency family continues to grow with multiple staff members recently welcoming new bundles of joy.

I will say that there cannot be joy without sacrifice. All of us experience that in our own daily lives. In home care, we have the same challenge. In March, six of us attended our state home care conference to get updated on an additional laundry list of new requirements and regulations we must meet to continue to deliver the service that means so much to us and those we serve.  Following the conference, I met with all my staff to update them on the additional tasks necessary to meet those new requirements. What a gift of joy to see their positive attitude and acceptance of all we must do to provide our service.

I am not sure if you call it joy or the satisfaction of a job well done. I have had the opportunity the last few weeks to hear staff share their accomplishments using their new skills through our Chronic Care Management Program. Their victories of their clients’ health improvement brought real joy to them. We have also been focused on enhancing the skills of our home health aide staff through training by our staff educator and reinforcement by their supervisors. Preparations are underway for our annual staff appreciation luncheon in June; it will be a timely update in my next letter.

Like many of you, our own family struggles to fit events in, deal with daily demands and appreciate the daily joys that could pass us by. Time will pass, but joy awaits our family with a wedding in July, a new home for my daughter and son-in-law to be close to help in the business and our three grandsons that are quickly growing. They are 6, 4, and 1 years old already.  We will try not to let the moment pass to see the mystical joy that all these family events bring.

Helping you and your loved loves maintain your health and independence at home gives our lives joy and meaning. We love what we do for you through our family-owned business, our family of employees and the communities we serve.

Barb Byers, MS, RN is CEO/President for Western Illinois Home Health Care

Dear Home Care Family,

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