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I meet with older adults and their families regularly. Most everyone I meet wants to remain in their home as long as possible, and everyone I meet with wants to avoid a hospitalization or a readmission to the hospital.  Hospitalizations cause stress on a patient and their families. They cost the patient and their insurance a lot of money as well. The federal government says that one in every five elderly persons are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after discharge. It is very important to have the right home care agency in place to help you be successful at home. You have a choice in which provider you go with, and it is important to know which ones are full service providers.  

Full service means having a full spectrum of services. Having a wide range of services all at one agency eliminates a lot of confusion for the patient. It also increases internal communication for the patient’s care and makes the process of staying at home seamless.  

Your skilled services, provided by a home care agency, monitor your overall health at home. A skilled nurse and therapist educate you and your family about your health care and ensure compliance with treatment. We all know how badly you want to get home from the hospital. When they are going over your discharge instructions, it is easy to agree with everything they tell you but then get home and realize you didn’t retain the information. Home care can assure that you know and understand those instructions. Social services are also important to ensure you are connected with all resources that are available to help you be successful at home. A bath aid allows for your personal care needs to also be met in the privacy of your own home.  

Choosing a home care agency that also provides supportive services is crucial to staying at home and out of the hospital. Supportive services are personal assistants and/or certified nursing assistants scheduled regularly to assist with the day-to-day tasks needed to remain at home. Laundry, housework, errands, shopping, transportation to the doctor, personal care, etc. are all pieces of our life that cannot go un-done. One benefit of your home care agency also providing this service is that the personal assistants are trained to recognize condition changes and have open communication with your skilled nurse. This communication assists in catching a medical situation before it becomes a crisis. Senior care management is also a service that assists the person in remaining at home. This service provides ongoing assessment and oversight to ensure that the care plan is meeting the person’s needs. It bridges the communication between all disciplines involved including keeping the family and primary care physician involved in care.  Private nursing services are also important. This service can be used for ongoing oversight and monitoring of general health and medications even when the acute need is no longer there.  

All of the above services address acute care needs at home but also allow for a long term in-home care plan that does not have to end once a patient is discharged from Medicare covered services at home. This wide range of services, allows for a person to tailor a care plan to meet all of their needs at home without fear of having another hospitalization. It is important for you to know your local providers and be familiar with what service range they provide. Be prepared to advocate for yourself and/or your loved one by asking the discharge planner at the hospital and/or your physician if home care services can be ordered. Having this service in place to go home to is very important for a smooth transition home.  

Western Illinois Home Health Care is a full service provider. If you or someone you know is in need of home health care, please call our office at 1-800-228-5993.

Amanda Powell, BSW is a Senior Care Manager for Western Illinois Home Health Care

March 2014

by Amanda Powell

Home Health Care Can Avoid Costly Hospitalizations

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