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Life is full of decisions. I always tell the seniors that I work with that the decisions they are faced with now are some of the toughest ones they have ever had to make: planning their funeral, giving up their driver’s license, leaving their home, accepting help.

I receive many phone calls from seniors and their families in a crisis situation needing help immediately. They are faced with little or no time to think through a decision or review options before making a decision about care, whether the care is based in-home care or in a facility. My advice to seniors and their families is to plan ahead for a care plan they may need in case of a crisis.  

If you have a long term care policy, call ahead and know the terms of the policy and what it covers. It is common for me to work with people who don’t realize their policy would cover the cost of in-home care. Keep in mind that these policies may have an elimination period where you first privately pay for services before the insurance starts paying.  Knowing the terms in advance avoids frustrating surprises when you do need to use the policy.

Take tours of your local assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities. Get an idea of which ones you like and feel more comfortable in. Ask if they provide respite care in case you need an emergency placement. This will save time for you and your family by already knowing what they provide and which ones you would be agreeable to if needed.  

Call your local home care agencies. Plan meetings with the companies and understand what services they provide. Make sure you understand the difference between which services are covered by Medicare and which are not, and find out what the workers in your home can and cannot do. Evaluate the agencies to see if they are a full-service provider or if you would need to find separate agencies to fulfill different needs. I recommend using a full-service provider and already having a contract on file for the private duty service. This allows for you to call in a crisis, and eliminate paperwork, potentially allowing the agency to schedule a worker more quickly. Once you have chosen the agency for your home care needs, also be sure your doctor has this on file and remember to tell the hospital so you don’t get directed to another agency during a hospitalization.    

Even though it can be difficult to think about these services when you are healthy, it is less stressful when you have planned your course of action. It also makes life much easier for your family if they are faced with making any decisions for you.  

Western Illinois Home Health Care is a full-service provider in your area. We can provide skilled services, private duty service, medical alert services, and much more. If you, or someone you know, are in need of in-home services or interested in pre-planning for services, please call our office at 1-800-228-5993.

Amanda Powell, BSW is the Senior Care Manager for Western Illinois Home Health Care

Planning for the Future

May 2014

by Amanda Powell

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