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May 7, 2014

by Joel Newman

Monmouth, IL – Western Illinois Home Health Care (WIHHC), Western Illinois’s largest independent home health agency, announced today a new partnership with Healthcom, Inc. to improve services available to area seniors. WIHHC will now include CareLink®, a Personal Medical Alert program that allows seniors to signal for help in case of a medical emergency, as part of their standard services for seniors making the transition back to their homes. This enhanced standard of care will help reduce readmission rates by giving patients a direct line through a Carelink® speaker to call for help.

“Our goal is to help individuals stay independent as long as possible. By providing them a tool that links directly to emergency assistance we can support their recovery and independence during the times we do not have a caregiver on site,” said WIHHC Director of Business Development Joel Newman. “We can provide support in a meaningful way that keeps our patients safe and avoids unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.”  

Western Illinois Home Health Care’s new CareLink® program can get help quickly for anyone living alone who experiences a fall, stroke or other emergency in their home. CareLink® subscribers simply push a recessed button on a tiny CareLink® pendant or wrist unit and it sends a signal through their phone line for help.

The signal goes into a 24 hour a day CareLink® Support Center, where trained responders can speak with the subscriber, “hands-free” through a speaker/microphone in the CareLink® unit, and determine what kind of assistance the subscriber wants and needs. Even if the subscriber cannot talk, the Center can dispatch immediate assistance from neighbors, family or ambulance.  

“Among individuals over 65, falls are the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and hospital readmissions for trauma. Studies show medical alert users are three times less likely to be transported to the hospital after a fall, resulting in reductions to hospital readmissions ranging from 26-48 percent,” Healthcom Inc. President Aaron Kirk said.  “By taking advantage of this medical communication technology we are helping seniors live safer, more independent lives and providing peace of mind along with around- the-clock assistance should they need it.”

According to the Center for Technology and Aging, eight out of ten older Americans are living with the health challenges of one or more chronic diseases. With a service like CareLink®, Western Illinois Home Health Care can offer immediate assistance when a health issue or falls take place. Increased reaction time for fall victims has been proven to reduce medical complications and improve patient outcomes.

About Western Illinois Home Health Care Home Health Care

Western Illinois Home Health Care is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the individual, the community and our employees through professional health care, communication, and education. WIHHC provides third party reimbursed skilled services (Medicare, Veteran's Administration, Private Insurance Companies, Medicaid) to people in their home setting.

About Healthcom Inc.
Healthcom is a healthcare technology company that partners with healthcare providers to provide services that enhance the standard of care. From medical alert services and medication management, to telehealth solutions and care transitions, we offer an integrated service approach that can help reduce readmissions, improve outcomes, and improve profitability for our partners and clients. We are committed to providing the latest technology available to promote independence including remote patient monitoring, nurse triage access and mobile solutions.

Joel Newman is the Director of Business Development for Western Illinois Home Health Care.

Western Illinois Home Health Care Announces Expanded Services to Help Keep Seniors Safe in their Homes

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