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Restoring Wholeness at Home

Introducing Restoring Wholeness At Home – a behavioral health home care service exclusive to Western Illinois Home Health Care clients and patients.

Our Training

Throughout 2014, our staff was trained by Dr. Verna Benner Carson, a National behavioral health expert in home care. Dr. Carson’s training focuses on providing a holistic model approach that incorporates behavioral health into the management of our home care patients that are assessed to have behavioral health issues, or who are already diagnosed with a behavioral health diagnosis. We have continued reinforcing this program with our current and incoming staff since.

The Statistics

Psychiatric disorders are common among the homebound elderly (40.5%) (Li LW, Conwell Y. 2007) and the two most prevalent mental disorders among the homebound elderly are dementia and depression.

A recent study showed that 40.8% of homebound elders suffered from 2 to 3 comorbid medical/psychiatric conditions while 31.9% of homebound elders suffered from 4 or more comorbid conditions. (Beck RA, Arizmendi A, Purnell C, Fultz BA, Callahan CM. 2009).

The prevalence of geriatric depression is exceptionally high in home health care, with 1 in 7 older patients meeting full diagnostic criteria for major depression and as many as 1 in 3 suffering from clinically significant depression (Bruce et al., 2002; Knight & Houseman, 2008). Anxiety is also known to be common in older adults; especially those with depression, who have experienced falls or have COPD.

Having a psychiatric disorder makes the overall treatment of homebound elders more complex and also increases the difficulty of managing a homebound elder’s physical disorders. Additionally, homebound elderly with medical disorders and cognitive impairment were often shown to be noncompliant with their treatment plan.

How We Can Help

The nursing and therapy staff at Western Illinois Home Health Care are tackling these issues by providing a holistic approach to all the patient’s needs. By addressing the behavioral diagnoses we hope to increase compliance with overall health measures and decrease the likelihood of hospitalization.

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Our Comprehensive Services:

Our Treatment Goals:

Restoring Wholeness At Home provides short-term intermittent behavioral health home care services to homebound adults. These services are provided by a multidisciplinary team made up of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers, Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists and Home Health Aides who can meet the holistic needs of the patients they serve. These services are covered under the Medicare benefit and NOT mental health benefits that may be offered through private insurance plans.


We would love to partner with you to provide home care services for your patients and/or your loved ones who may struggle with mental health and physical complications.

Let us know when we can meet with you to discuss our program. Call us at 800-228-5993.

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