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People ask me all the time what Senior Care Management is. Instead of listing all the tasks I’m able to help the family with, I usually tell them that Senior Care Management is a premium service that can be tailored to meet any needs of an aging person. This includes giving guidance to families who are struggling as caregivers, providing oversight of professional caregivers, or managing care needs of loved ones for family members who live out of the area. In essence, a Senior Care Manager is an expert in providing and delivering resources to aging seniors and their families.

Caring for a senior and navigating the health care industry can be difficult for a person without the help of an experienced advisor. Consider the value of your time alone. For instance, you notice a decline in your loved one and you spend time researching services available and make appropriate phone calls. You may spend days interviewing caregivers. If a long-term care policy is in place, you may be on the phone for hours with the insurance company deciphering what’s including in the policy. Working with a Senior Care Manager would alleviate these issues and allows a caregiver to dedicate more time to a loved one.

Take this scenario for example: An aging woman with dementia has a son who lives out of state. His mother needs monitored to make sure nobody is taking advantage of her. She is a fall risk and needs regular supervision. She falls and goes to the hospital. A Senior Care Manager would have responded at the hospital, talked with the case manager and doctor and identified the plan. They would have helped facilitate which rehab facility she went to and called the son and communicated their recommendations to the son, avoiding costly travel expenses and lost time. Often times, with Senior Care Management in place and regular supervision visits, the Senior Care Manager may have noticed a condition change and recommended and facilitated home health care, which includes therapy at home to work on strength, balance, and home safety and may have prevented the fall.


Or maybe you are an attorney working on a difficult guardianship case with a lot of family dynamics. You request a geriatric assessment done to determine what level of care the client needs and what their cognition status is. It is not likely that an attorney would be an expert in this area, so they could reach out to a Senior Care Manager to provide that assessment and recommend a course of action to the attorney.

Maybe you are a trust officer and you take care of the finances for an elderly person. You do not do home visits, yet you are concerned about their spending and vulnerability to exploitation. Contracting with a Senior Care Manager helps with communication, monitoring, watching for health condition changes and possibly coordinating and supervising home care agencies and other community-based resources going into the client’s home.  

Consider the value of a Senior Care Manager to your individual situation. How can it save you time, money, and stress? How can it keep your relationship with your loved one intact or better serve your aging client? This is where the value is. If you or someone you know is in need of Senior Care Management or home care services, please call Western Illinois Home Health Care at 1-800-228-5993.

Amanda Powell, BSW, is a Senior Care Manager at Western Illinois Home Health Care

June 2018

by Amanda Powell

Senior Care Management: A Valuable Resource

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