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Our Story

Ron and Barbara Byers founded Western Illinois Home Health Care in 1981. At that time, there were no home care services available in their rural community.


Our Directors

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Skilled Nursing Services

We offer in-home skilled nursing services to assist with medical needs.


Therapy Services

We offer in-home skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy.


Home Health Aide Services

We offer in-home home health aides for bathing and personal care assistance.


Caregiving Services

We offer in-home caregiving services to provide a number of personal care options provided by our professional caregivers.


Senior Care Management Services

Provided by our professional staff, we offer in-home senior care management to provide advocacy and support to seniors and their families.


Restoring Wholeness At Home Program

This program is our behavioral health home care service. By addressing the behavioral diagnosis, this increases compliance with overall health measures and decreases the likelihood of hospitalization.


"Everyone at Western Illinois Home Health Care were very kind and thoughtful."

Marvin Y

"Thank you to all of the Western Illinois Home Health Care staff that helped my sister when she came home."

Loretta K

"The home health care nurse that came to see my husband was very polite. I am thankful for her because sometimes I needed her help with getting medicine ordered from the doctor. If I had any concerns she always listened and helped me."

Irma H

"I live in an apartment and to live here you have to be able to take care of yourself. Western Illinois Home Health Care helped me be able to stay here by helping me before my surgery with medications. Thank you!"

Eugene P

"My nurse is awesome! She sincerely cares, is quite knowledgeable, understand, and all anyone could want. Our caregiver is the best housekeeper we've ever had. It is great that home helath care offers these services! They are so worth it."

Harriet T

"My nurse is excellent! She calls to let me know when she is coming and is on time. She talks so I can hear her and understand her. She keeps an eye on my health and calls my doctor if she thinks I have anything the doctor needs to know. She also helps me order my medications as needed. I appreciate all of her help!"

Myertle M

"Western Illinois Home Health Care does a great job. Thank you!"

Irving W

"I had a really good nurse. I understood everything she explained to me."

Joan S

"My nurse was the super! Everyone I had was excellent."

Donald K

"I am very pleased with the wonderful caregivers and the kidness shown to me. I will recommend you to anyone! I hope I don't ever need your great service again, but if I do it will be you I select."

Vern R

"All of the home health care staff were so good to me. I am so glad I had them!"

Alfred P

"I received very good help and was very pleased with all of my aides."

Jasper C

"We are greatful for the help from Western Illinois Home Health Care! They are very nice people!!"

Isabel C

"I was very pleased with the Western Illinois Home Health Care staff who were always pleasent and helpful at each visit. Thank you for your help!"

Florence N

"All home health staff were very friendly and helpful in my excercise program, especially with my arthritis pain in my lower legs. Thank you!"

Julian K

"My nurse gave me excelent care. She was very thorough and answered all of my questions. She is a very dedicated nurse."

Nathanial U

"Western Illinois Home Helath Care has been my home health agency for the last 3 years. They're the best group of people!"

Matilda Y

"My home health aide is a job! She is the best shower giver I have ever had. No one can hold a torch to her."

Louise C

"I have liked all of my nurses. They have always called me to let me know when they were going to come. Thank you!"

Cecily R

"My nurses were both very caring and concerned about my care."

Abraham V

"Though my condition was fairly minor, the nurses were very kind and professionall. I truly appreciated their help."

Edgar A

"I had good care and liked the nurses and other Western Illinois Home Health Care staff who assisted me. Thanks!"

Catherine D

"My home health nurse was a very caring and compassionate person and very easy to talk to."

Lydia W

"My home health aide and nurse help take care of my hustband. They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are good people!"

Martin M

"My nurse did a great job and made things comfortable and easy to understand. My physical therapist was great and caring, too."

Fredrick P

"All of the home health care staff were so good to me. I am so glad I had them!"

Josephine B

"Western Illinois Hom Health Care has great people working for them. I tell a lot of people about your services! They are here talking care of my husband. Thank you so much for all of your help!"

Winifred S

"I was having a reaction to a new medication. So I called my nurse and she came right away and called my neurologist's office and they told me what to do. Great nurse!"

Sophia L

"I have very good caregivers that come into my home to clean and they work really hard to please me."

Edith H

"Western Illinois Home Health Care does a great job. Thank you!"

Betty W

"My nurse was really good and I understood everything explained to me."

Dorothy S

"All of Western Illinois Home Health Care's staff were good. I was really pleased with the kindness of my bath aide and the knowledge of my nurse."

Eleanor K

"I really enjoyed having my physical therapist. He was always joyful and tried to make me laugh. He was very careful with my sore hip. My bath aide was very kind and helpful."

Chester T

"The Western Illinois Home Health Care staff was very knowledgeable and courteous."

Arnold W

"I received good care and respect from all parties at Western Illinois Home Health Care."

Homer S

"The nurse was very helpful, intelligent, and had great people skills. The physical therapist was outstanding and had great people skills, too."

Frank P

"The nurses are kind, considerate, understanding, and very patient with my husband and I."

Alice R

"I am very satisfied with the care I have received. My nurse has been great!"

Louis V

"I was well satisfied with service! I was weak in my legs and the exercises really helped me to get strong. My nurse and bath aide were really good, too."

Beatrice M

"Everyone I had contact with was professional, informative, caring, and very interested in my care."

Larry D

"My nurse and bath aide, both have been quite an asset. I lost my husband about a month ago and they have made my life more bearable."

Edith L

"The nurse has been a constant help to us, no matter the time or day. They give you a good feeling of peace and great care. VERY happy with this relationship."

David C

"My nurse was a very caring person and made me feel relaxed. My therapist was great with exercises and let me know how they would help me."

Ethel N

"I wouldn't have anyone else for this service. Western Illinois Home Health Care's nurse and people are so nice!"

Ernest H

"My nurse came faithfully every week. She was a comfort for me during a difficult medical situation I was experiencing. Thank you for home health!"

Grace J

"Through the years myself, my mother, and a couple aunts have always used Western Illinois Home Health Care. I always looked forward to the caregivers and therapists coming. They were on time, pleasant, and friendly"

Marilyn P

"This company - from the office to the field staff - is knowledgeable, patient oriented, respectful, and courteous to both me and my wife. I would recommend them highly."

Gerald R

"I feel like this holiday season is much better than last for mother! I think the daily connection with the workers have made a difference."

Bertha S

"She didn't have much to say when we were there, but when we left she had a smile on her face! I haven't really seen her smile in quite a while!"

Charles M

"Thank you so much for all of your help these past 2 1/2 years. I know I had odd requests because of my business, but you were able to fill the bill. The helpers you sent were fantastic with my dad. Thank you so much for helping me keep my dad from going into a nursing home."

Anna S

"Your visits are such an affirmation of how important the ladies are to mom's day and as helpers and companions during the day! Thank you for all you, and everyone at Western Illinois Home Health Care, do to help us and other families!"

Harry P

"Thank you so much for the care and kindness you gave our mother each time an assistant visited."

Arthur W

"You and your company's continued concern and support for my dad has been great. We thank you."

Edward C

"Please extend my thanks to all. God is good, he has certainly provided wonderful, caring individuals in a time of need/crisis. Thank you."

Charlotte W

"Thank you for all the years of assistance that allowed mom to stay at home for so many years."

Doris Y

"Our experience with Western Illinois Home Health Care has been nothing but positive!! We sincerely appreciate the help and support you have given mother and all of our family!"

Hazel S

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